McClelland, Robert F.

(1892 - 1977)

Born on November 2, 1892 in Sioux City, Iowa, Robert “Jack” Fulton McClelland grew up in Seattle. After receiving partial architectural training at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, McClelland spent eight years as a draftsman before receiving his Washington State architectural license in 1922. The next year he formed a partnership with fellow architect Edward F. Pinneh.

Notable designs include the College Center Building (1927) in the University District; the Dr. Hampson House in Ravenna; and the Silverstrom Building. In 1930, the two partners added Victor N. Jones to the partnership. Pinneh left the firm in 1933, and Jones remained with McClelland until 1946. The firms projects include the Bremerton Ferry Terminal (1938); the Bremerton Estate Theater (1935); The Best Store (1937); the Nordstrom’s Store (1937); and the Seattle Labor Temple (1942). In 1935, the firm received an honorable mention for a drug store design for the “Modernize Main Street” competition sponsored by the Libbey-Owens-Ford Glass Company.

Around 1952, after Jones left the firm, McClelland formed a lasting partnership with Hugo Osterman. Notable designs by the firm include the Gladding, McBean & Company Building (1954) in Seattle; Lundquist-Lilly Men’s Wear (1955); remodel of the downtown Nordstrom Shoe Store (1960); the Burke House (1956); and an insurance office building (1956) on Belmont Avenue.

During the 1950s and 1960s, the firm specialized in the design of suburban banks. Projects can be found throughout the state and include the Dexter branch of Peoples National Bank of Washington (1957); the Seattle First National Bank in Olympia (1959); Mid Columbia Bank (1953) in Pasco; and the Peoples National Bank (1964) in Kirkland.

McClelland was active in the Seattle Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, serving as president for three terms (1934-1936). He passed away in Seattle in February 1977.

- Michael C. Houser

Photo courtesy of Department of Architectural Licensing.
Seattle First National Bank, Olympia (1958) <br>Photo courtesy of DAHP
Insurance Building, Seattle (1956) <br>Photo courtesy of Seattle Times
Nordstrom Shoe Store, Seattle (1960) <br>Photo courtesy of DAHP
Gladding McBean Building, Seattle (1954) <br>Photo courtesy of DAHP.
Seattle Labor Temple, Seattle (1942) <br>Photo courtesy of DAHP.
Photo courtesy of Department of Architectural Licensing.